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Lithium instead of Nickel: changes in Australian metallurgy

Lithium instead of Nickel: changes in Australian metallurgy

Today rapidly growing popularity of electric vehicles. This resulted in the level of demand for lithium. It is used in the batteries of such machines. Thus, the metal has become the most popular in the mining industry in the world. More than 15 projects was made in the announcement in early 2017. They are engaged in the production of lithium raw materials. Major mining companies located in Australia, South America and Europe.

A major Australian project is the merger of two major companies. Joint extraction of lithium will occur Poseidon Nickel and Lithium Australia. Their signatures were put in a Memorandum. To engage in the extraction of raw materials will be in the fields of the Ravensthorpe and Lake Johnston. They both belong to Poseidon and is located in the West of Australia.

The primary purpose of using these areas was mining other minerals. The plans included the obtaining of cobalt, copper and Nickel, which are present here. But the low cost of all three metals was the impetus to change. In the end, mining and processing was stopped. Concentrator at Lake Johnston began to stand. To guide all in the right direction, decided to change the purpose of use.

Factory, capacity of which reaches 1.5 million tonnes of ore per year, again in the ranks. Now from the crude ore will be extracted lithium. It is also planned to chemical compounds and concentrate the metal. This will help the technology SiLeach. Its development was engaged in Lithium Australia. Rights to other metals obtained here are saved for Poseidon. It is hoped that Nickel will be the by-products.

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