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Production of stainless steel is gradually increasing

Production of stainless steel is gradually increasing

Data on global production of stainless steel in the first quarter of this year was published by the ISSF. According to them, production volume reached 11,763 million tons of stainless steel. If we talk on yearly basis, the growth was 14.5%. However, compared to October-December last year, a decrease. It is 3.5%. In terms of production in the first place was considered by the Chinese metallurgical company. They account for 6,225 million tons of stainless steel. In annual terms the increase reached 19.4 per cent. However, relative to the previous three months have witnessed a decrease. It was 9.2%. Addressed and Asian countries excluding China and South Korea. Their share amounted to 1,992 million tons produced of stainless steel. Compared to January-March last year the index increased by 6.5%. However, if we compare the results from octabrominated, noted a slight decline. It is 0.1%.

As for European manufacturers, from January to March this year they managed to increase production volumes. Development of stainless steel has risen to the level of 1.98 million tons. Compared to the previous quarter, the growth was 8.4%. If we consider the increase year on year, it reached 6.1%. In the United States, steel companies have increased the performance of the first quarter compared to the same period of 2016 by 36.2%. As a result, in the period under review were produced 0,721 million tons of stainless steel. Relative to the last quarter of last year also saw production growth. He reached 10.8%. Other regions increased their production of stainless steel by 6.4%, which was 845000 tons.

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