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A plan to create a new workshop on

A plan to create a new workshop on

Negotiations between the Institute CINF (China) and UMMC-Holding crossed the line in the fourth round. Dialogue about the project creating a new workshop on «Electrozinc». The idea is to build in Vladivostok more land. It is intended for the final stages of production of zinc by hydrometallurgical. According to the plan it will have to obtain about 96 thousand tons of aluminum-zinc alloy. Also this volume includes Spelter zinc for implementation. This year includes completion of design and documentary development. It has the building will be the site of electrolysis.

At a meeting in Sverdlovsk oblast arrived representatives of CINF (China Institute of non-ferrous metallurgy). At the head of the group arrived the Vice-President of the Institute Yano Suetsune. Alexander Shtyurts said that they discussed serious issues of preparation for realization. Study subject characteristics of the equipment and communications. During the dialogue, the decision on the location of the tooling shop. Addressed the question regarding equipment equipment for recovery of the anodes. More specified the technology equipment to sdirki cathode zinc. Refined moments of the installation casting of metals and alloys. This affected the production of anodes and alterations dross.

Information regarding the equipment section of the electrolysis, the Chinese partners will provide at the end of the month. Equipment in the smelter the same way. The design of the project began in connection with the pressing need to protect the environment. Such production has a significant negative impact. Every year the production capacity of the electrolysis plant reaches 110,000 tonnes of zinc.

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