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OAO ufaleynikel ' will be eliminated

In accordance with a message published by the newspaper «Kommersant», OJSC ufaleynikel ' will be eliminated. Thus the enterprise is the main body of the Upper Ufaley and ranks second in the Russian Federation on the development of the commodity of Nickel. In 2016, production volume has reached 10.2 thousand tons. However, shareholders of the company seventh day of the month rendered a decision on its liquidation. An opinion was expressed by the representative of ufaleynikel'. According to Olga Markina the liquidation process will last one — and not even a few months. The Board of Directors does not leave attempts to find investors. To date, however, no agreement could not be reached. Among those who refused to negotiate, and is Magnezit Group.

That the enterprise will be stopped and will start looking for investors for him or for industrial sites, it was reported in the beginning of this year. Losses at the plant occur in Association with the depletion of the resource base due to low cost of Nickel and higher prices for coke. To work progressed without losses and debts repaid on time, the price per ton should reach 14.5 thousand USD. The cost of Nickel last week did not exceed 10.3 thousand USD/ton. Enterprise engaged in the supply of raw materials, will also be eliminated. Plant «Rezhnikel» is scheduled to stop in April.

Formally owners of ufaleynikel ' four. However, the sources of provided information according to which in 2015 the company and Rezhnikel went to the Bank. In turn, the Bank received from the company Highmetals KDS for debt. At the end of last year the debt of ufaleynikel ' reached 15.5 billion rubles, while revenue did not exceed 6.3 billion. The net loss reached 11 billion rubles uncovered loss of 8 billion rubles.

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