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Kola MMC implements another project in the smelter

Kola MMC implements another project in the smelter

Kola company completed another stage of construction of the project in the smelter. We are talking about the construction of the crane trestle. This project is aimed at optimizing the operation of material handling equipment site. Engineering construction will allow to eliminate unnecessary downtime. In the shop — its main span has 3 bridge cranes. They are used to load converters materials spill Feinstein, obtained in the smelting process. Maintenance of equipment is carried out based on established standards. Current repair is conducted each quarter. However, this scheme to a certain extent inconvenient. In cases where there is a shift of the middle crane in the repair area, use extreme equipment. Side tap the «drop out» of the process.

The project for the construction of crane trestles will solve the problem. The building itself is an Annex to the main building of the Converter station. Its height is 34 meters, length — of 31.9 meters. Width is 30 meters. These dimensions have been calculated to ensure operation in the repair area of all existing cranes. On the viaduct provides for the installation of four winches. The capacity of each is 20 tons. The main task — to raise, if necessary, one of the cranes on the rails. This will be able to release into the working area of the two others. Thanks to the implementation of the project will be able to organize a specialized work area repair cranes. This approach will enhance the effectiveness of operation, maintenance cranes. When this maintenance work will not affect the functionality of the shop.

Soon work will start to equipment installation. On the overpass in addition to winches will be mounted slewing crane in the amount of four pieces. Their lifting capacity is 3.2 tons. Will be installed two’fer. Their capacity will reach 5 tons. The cost of the project will make over 120 million RUB.

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