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Uralelectromed assemble pipelines with a length of 10 km

Uralelectromed assemble pipelines with a length of 10 km

Continues the second phase of construction of the electrolysis plant of copper on the company Uralelectromed. To date, the installation of pipelines. This system is essential for circulation of the electrolyte. Experts have mounted the nodes the distribution of the liquid. Processed all sixteen of the series of baths. In General, the length of the mounted pipelines will reach about 10 km away. the Main objective of pipelines — preparation and distribution of tanks, organization of circulation of electrolyte to the electrolytic bath. Their number is 448 pieces. From the tanks the supply of solutions will be carried out by the special pipelines. They are made from chlorinated PVC. To produce a discharge of the electrolyte, will be used pipes made of polypropylene.

In the implementation of the second stage are used only high quality materials. They proved themselves during the preliminary operation. The main advantage of tubes — high chemical resistance. Thanks to the exploitation of these products could reach over thirty years. The Assembly, connection elements, made of CPVC performed using the centering and gluing machine. Welding of polypropylene pipes produced on the connecting equipment. To date, the company has executed about 5% of the work refers to piping the piping, a series of baths. The whole system is supposed to mount to the end of this year. The construction of the second phase was initiated in 2014, in July. Like the first phase, it will function with the use of unsupported technology for production of cathodes. It is expected that the launch of the second phase will increase the production of unbonded cathodes. To date, the annual production volume is 160,000 tons. In the future their number will increase to 320,000 tons. If we consider the production of cathodes by the basic technology, the total capacity will reach 400,000 tons.

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