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Company Shiloh Manganese to produce manganese materials in West Africa

Company Shiloh Manganese — division of Shiloh Industries, India. Her new project is a production of manganese ore in West Africa. In particular, the production will start in the North of côte d’ivoire. Mining will be performed by the enterprise Korhogo. The annual production capacity of the new enterprise needs to reach 120 thousand tonnes of manganese. Deliveries will be made mostly in China, India and Europe. It is expected that over the next decade the company invests in the project is approximately 26 million USD. The government of the state of côte d’ivoire include the mining industry the main strategic spheres of the economy.

In 2014, it was assumed that the annual production of manganese in the state by the beginning of 2017 will reach 1 million tons. However, the plans were unattainable on the background of reducing the global cost of manganese raw materials. In 2016, production of goods dropped Yes, about 200 thousand tons. Thus in 2015, the production volume reached 263 thousand tons. The fall occurred due to the suspension of activities of most of the companies of this profile. That to the state company Sodemi Lauzoua, it has reduced production. The company produces iron ore of manganese, in conjunction with China National Geological and Mining Corporation in the South-Eastern fields of the country. Today the authorities of côte d’ivoire expects that the commissioning of the new production of the Indian company will increase the production level. Presumably, by 2018 the volume of production of manganese will be at least 350,000 tons annually.

It is not excluded that the manganese production will appear in the Sverdlovsk region, Krasnoturinsk. Investment in this project is estimated at RUB 1.2 billion. The expected production capacity will reach 25 thousand tons. Start of production is planned in early 2018.

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