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The Iranians are interested in Australian iron ore

The Iranians are interested in Australian iron ore

Iranian media has published data on national companies Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company. Iranian manufacturers evaluate opportunities for the acquisition of Australian iron ore assets. This can be as a separate attempt and acquisition of the consortium. It can be created with other national producers in the steel sector. Today the company produces iron ore in Kerman. This province is located in the South-West of the country. In this region, the GEG has the right to develop six fields. Collectively, these assets contain 1,135 billion tons of ore. The company apparently expects the supply of Australian raw materials, given its higher quality. Although the representatives of the GEG assure the most attractive factor is the increased safety of the Australian investments.

The media did not report what specific field aroused the interest of the Iranian company. Also remain secret anticipated volume of purchases. However, the company reported the carrying capacity of vessels that will transport ore from the supplier to the final destination. It will be from 100 to 150 thousand tons. It is the largest ships that can take Bandar Abbas. With this port the plant, owned by GEG, connected by the railroad. Another point with which United way is a plant producing pellets. It was built in 2010. Interestingly, according to the Iranian news Agency IRNA, the company recently received a loan. It was issued Oberbank Australia and amounted to 1 billion EURO. This amount should go to the construction of a metallurgical plant. Its annual capacity will be 2.4 million tons. However, the Austrian authorities themselves actively refute this information.

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