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Uralelectromed will produce vitriol on new hardware

Uralelectromed will produce vitriol on new hardware

The company UMMC’s Uralelectromed has made the installation of new equipment in the vitriol Department. We are talking about the plate heat exchanger produced by the domestic company. The cost of the project is 3.5 million RUB. The result of its implementation was the reduced flow of fluid back involved in the production of copper sulfate. The figure is up to 20%. Introduction in the technological chain of highly-efficient equipment reduces energy costs when developing products. This allows to increase economic efficiency.

On Uralelectromed copper sulfate produced from used electrolytic copper solutions. The process is based on evaporation of moisture and subsequent precipitation of crystals. The procedure is performed through the vacuum mold. It is required to maintain a certain rarity of the air. The higher the score, the greater the amount of available sulfate in the form of crystals. Thanks to the new plate heat exchanger provides the required level of rarefied air.

If you compare the new equipment with previously used units, it has certain advantages. Heat transfer occurs by means of corrugated plates. Thanks to them achieved greater intensity of the process. The total discharge of the used fluid at the same reduced by 100 cubic metres per hour. Another plus is the smaller size of the heat exchanger. This ensures space savings from simplifying installation. Together with the heat exchanger is an automated system that allows you to operate the equipment.

The technology of obtaining copper sulfate, which involves Uralelectromed is unique. Thanks to her, the company produces six brands of products. They differ in chemical and granulometric composition.

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