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Fluctuations in the prices of non-ferrous metals at auction

May 26, 2017 on the London stock exchange of metals has decreased the cost. Price per ton is $5657. However, on 25 may 2017 the price of the metal rose. This increase was due to the mass dismissal of workers of Indonesian mine Grasberg. The cost of copper on may 25, 2017 per ton was $5724.

Also cheaper prices for aluminum metal. May 26, 2017 one ton of aluminum cost $1951, and the day before his ton was $1960.

Friday, may 26, South Korea joined the reserves of the aluminum metal to 31975 tons. Analysts suggest that the increase in aluminum stocks in South Korea, could affect its cost. The price of the metal may be reduced, despite the fact that the Chinese producers have decreased volumes of extraction of aluminium.

The increase in reserves of aluminum metal is an unexpected phenomenon. If in the future will increase the stock of aluminium, the price can reach $2000 per ton.

The cost for Nickel 26 may 2017 rose, his ton was $9080. And the day before a ton of Nickel stood at $9040.
The price of zinc also rose, his ton on may 26 were estimated at $2640. And on may 25 the ton of metal was $2633.

The cost of lead also increased. So, on may 26, 2017 it was $2122 per ton. And on may 25, 2017 a ton of lead was estimated at $2084.

There was also a price increase at the auction on the tin. May 26, 2017, the ton of metal was estimated at $20425. And on may 25, 2017 amount per ton for tin was $20400.

29 may 2017 trading on the major exchanges LME (London) and Nymex (new York) were not held in connection with memorial Day. Also to 30 may 2017 not functioned in China ShFE. In this regard, it is unknown what will be the price of non-ferrous metals. They will either increase or decrease, as will actually will show the next auction.

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