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Kyshtym plant is expanding the production of copper cathodes

Kyshtym plant is expanding the production of copper cathodes

Kyshtym electrolytic copper plant is expanding the production of copper cathodes. Today it is already prepared space for the installation of additional electrolytic tanks. Each series contains 40 baths. Each tub — 24 matrix. Already dismantled columns, girders and floor slabs, performed the autopsy on the floor, along with a sample of soil. The next step is the pouring of foundations for installation of new equipment. It is expected to increase the performance of the electrolysis plant of metal. It will amount to 140 thousand tons of cathode copper annually. The previous record was 120 thousand tons.

For the installation of additional electrolytic tanks will need to boost the capacity of the transformer substation. To this end, the company will make replacement transformers for new equipment has already been delivered to the plant. To date, the work carried out regarding the anticipated installation of transformers. Overall, the project cost will exceed 380 million RUB. Construction and Assembly processes in the electrolysis shop of the red metal, held against the background of existing production. Work have no impact on the workflow. Accordingly, on the fulfilment of obligations towards consumers implementation of the project not affected.

It should be noted that in the first quarter of the current year the plant set a new record for the development of copper cathodes. Three-month volume of production reached 31.9 thousand tons. Thanks to the coordinated work of the team managed to repeat the record of the same period in 2016. Then the company produced 31,929 thousand tons of copper products. In comparison with 2011 increased by 11.5%. That to a copper rod were produced 24,364 thousand tons from January to March of 2017.

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