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Gaiskiy GOK will install new drying equipment

Gaiskiy GOK will install new drying equipment

Gaiskiy GOK continues to pursue equipment modernization. Under the project, technical control of the works, estimates the new drying unit. Wardrobe made by the German company Binder. Alexey Lyapin, steering control Department explained the new equipment. Ovens purpose to determine the level of moisture in products. Their feature — sample preparation of raw materials, production of products of enrichment of Express-analyses or chemical research. The metal content and moisture relates to the commercial properties of our products. You also need to know the exact number of shipped metal in concentrate. To calculate these data, you need to know the wet weight, the percentage of the contained metal and the moisture level. As for the samples that are sent for tests, the moisture in them should not be present. Accordingly, drying must be not only samples of raw materials. This rule applies to industrial products and commercial products — concentrate of copper, zinc.

The advantage of the new unit — mode convection. Thanks to him, in automatic mode it creates the same temperature of the internal space. It reaches 105 to 110 degrees. This approach guarantees the preservation of all the properties of the product and the absence of other changes. Experts believe that special attention deserves the safety and ergonomics of the equipment. The new rack features excellent heat insulation. Thanks to her, the specific energy consumption less than that of previously used equipment. Generated heat allows you to remove moisture from products. It does not go into the environment, respectively, the outer wall Assembly is practically unaffected by heat. The internal volume of the new unit allows you to accommodate a larger number of samples received for processing. The cost of equipment is 0.5 million RUB.

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