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AMC plans to develop the field

AMC plans to develop the field

AMK — Aktobe copper company — provided development opportunities division within the framework of Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress 2017. Part of RMK, the company unveiled plans for the development of «Spring-Aralchinskoye» field. Its main feature is a border location. Given this fact, the development of the Deposit will be on both sides of the Russian-Kazakh border. With this end in Aktobe, the company will undertake the construction of the mining complex. Its annual production capacity will reach about 500 thousand tons of raw materials. It is expected that the mine will operate for 23 years. Of these, the production of ore will have 15 years. The potential of this division of Russian copper company will be exhausted soon. The situation was commented by the CEO of AMK Natalia Bondarenko. She highlighted plans for AMC. In the coming years the company plans to launch the mine at «Kundyzdy». Its annual production capacity is 2 million tons of raw materials. Also scheduled to start operation of the mine field «Estuary». Its production capacity similar «Kundyzdy». The cumulative performance of processing plants in the mines is projected to reach 5 million tonnes of ore annually.

Aktobe copper company has been active since 2004. His assets included a Deposit «50 years of October». Its production capacity is 3 million tons of copper raw materials annually. Also AMK belongs to the field «Primorskoe». Its production capacity reaches 2 million tons of copper-zinc raw materials. The production performance of the mine total about 5 million tons of copper, copper-zinc ore annually. Meanwhile, in accordance with the international Cochilco forecast the price of copper will average a 2.5 to 2.75 USD/lb in the current year.

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