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South Africa has plans to significantly restrict the import of steel

South Africa has plans to significantly restrict the import of steel

The world trade organization was warned about the plans of Africa. Republic is going to enter a security interest for sale outside the direct hire of hot rollers. The updates, according to representatives of South Africa are assumed to be in the middle of summer. Interest on the import of goods will be accepted in the amount of twelve per cent on the launch year of the introduction of austerity measures. Next year they will decrease by two percent compared to the first. And by the third year, according to the plans, from first year you will take four percent in value. The message of such innovations, the world trade organization published on Thursday.

In South Africa, explained his plans irrevocable decision of the management of the country. Anti-dumping authority recognized Authority on issues of international trade. Newfound management on horror says about the existing problems in the Republic. According to them, within the Republican production appear significant holes in the work. The reason for this was poor quality import steel at too low prices.

Investigation into the matter was launched a little more than a year ago. In March of the sixteenth year of the management bodies have started to work actively with the problem of threats to production. Analyzed the damage based on the data it Arcelor Mittal South Africa. This company carries more than seventy percent of all Republican steelmaking business.

In South Africa plans to consult with many members of the world Trade Organization. Want them to discuss proposed rates and the need for their introduction. Many countries are in the process of development, according to the decision of the Administration will be exempt from the payment of interest. However, large suppliers, which include China and India will have certain limitations.

In addition, South Africa is exploring the option of introducing a separate tariff. For steel cold rollers it is planned to introduce protective duty of ten percent.

Emergency measures will be used to help protect against unexpected foci of imports. They are a significant threat to producers in South Africa. In accordance with the rules of the world Organization to enter their country. However, South Africa is obliged to approve them with representatives of the WTO. From the members of the Organization, these measures can be challenged and not accepted.

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