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Enterprises of the Norilsk Nickel deal updates

The Oktyabrsky mine in the Murmansk region is included in Norilsk Nickel. At the end of may at the field started the overhaul of the Northern section of skip shaft # 1. The project’s objective to increase stability, thereby improving its efficiency. In the process of repair will be replacement of obsolete equipment, reduced risk of unplanned breakdowns and the subsequent cost of maintenance. When renovations SS-1 North will be replaced and repaired more than 250 tons of equipment and metal structures. Actions will be carried out at different horizons. The project will test the condition of cables, metering devices, hoisting vessels. The repair will involve the installation of a plate feeder, belt conveyors and other equipment. The previous overhaul of the skip shaft of SS-1 was carried out in 2005. Operation tract ore is expected to begin by early July of this year. The cost of repairs will exceed 50 million RUB.

The purpose of the skip shaft and the delivery up with horizons located below the rock mass. It is on the lower levels carry out testing of deposits. The depth of the barrel is 950 meters. It has outputs at a depth of 957 meters and 906 meters. The annual production capacity of SS-1 for lifting the rock mass up to 2.5 million tons.

The fixation on «October» is not the only repair project in Norilsk Nickel. At Kola MMC in may commissioned the new ball mill. Its manufacturer — the company «Tyazhmash», the value is more than RUB 48 million. Kola MMC for the first time uses such equipment. The mill is designed for grinding of raw materials at stage III. Compared with similar equipment of a new mill demonstrate high performance. The consumption of electricity does not differ from consumption of other machines.

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