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The supply of steel products, China increased

Their data regarding China’s exports of steel products was provided by the Institute of South-East Asian countries. Last year their volumes increased by 14% compared to 2015. The rate reached 36.4 million tons. However, in 2016 the overall exported volume of China decreased by 3.1% to 106.7 million tons. As a result, the countries of South-East Asia accounted for over 34% of sales of steel products in the PRC.

The most popular are the bars including billets. In 2016, the volume of this product reached 13.3 million tons. Compared to 2015 year, the result increased by 11.5%. The main buyer of rebar and steel billet was Indonesia. The number supplied to it products amounted to 3.6 million tons. Countries of the region in 2016, made the purchase sections in the amount of 1.7 million tons. This result exceeds indicators 2015 by 24%. The basic amount of sales come from Vietnam. While some decrease in shipments of wire rod, accounting for almost 5 million tons. Vietnamese imports of these products accounted for 1.38 million tons.

The exports of Chinese hot-rolled steel increased by approximately 30% relative to 2015. The result reached 5.5 million tons. Growth in cold-rolled products amounted to 19.5% to reach 1.1 million tons. In both cases, the bulk of the supplies went to Vietnam. It was he, together with Thailand is the largest buyer of rental with coverage of China in the region. As the number of sales of paint and galvanized products, the indicators have reached 4.9 million tons. Compared to 2015 year this figure increased by 37%.

At this point, SEAISI by the end of 2016, the export of China’s steel began to decline. At the beginning of this year the volume decreased by 25% compared to the same period of 2016.

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