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In Magnitogorsk will be a new facility for gas cleaning

In Magnitogorsk will be a new facility for gas cleaning

In shop on electrostatically at the steelworks in the shop installing updated. Will soon begin to work a little hard efficient cleaning. They will provide an opportunity to reduce the emissions of soiling the atmosphere. They appear on results dvukhmodovogo unit for melting of steel. This was announced by the Department of press, information and public relations of the steel plant.

The full price of the project amounts to more than a billion rubles. Commissioning of facilities planned for the beginning of July this year. Reduction of discarding the dust shall be not less than eighteen hundred tons for the 12 months.

Updated equipment is intended for trapping, cooling and cleaning of smoke gases. They appear in the body of the appliance or equipment. And it is regulated fugitive emissions that currently do not pass through the gas outlet passage.

For purification of DSPA is necessary to consider all the details. These include three two modular bag filters. They are included in new and unique design with twenty of the filter holes. They have a horizontal location capture dust sleeves. Also included are five smoke away ДР28. Four of them are working and one is standby. Performance five hundred and thirty thousand cubic meters per hour. Engine power is equal to the megawatts in each of the five. In addition, there is dust cleaning system with the loading dust. In addition, there is a hip compression machines compressed air supply. His purpose is to restore a sleeveless filters. And the last element is the electrical substation and system exhaust ventilation.

The total number of gases for cleaning is equivalent and million cubic meters per hour. In the system devices out-of-furnace processing of metal includes the following elements. Modules sleeveless filtering elements with filtering holes of similar design. Two diowiordy ДР22 with an output of three hundred and thirty-cubic meters per hour. Engine power is megawatts each. Hip compression system dust dip in transport. The diameters of the flues is equal to twenty-five meters. The extent of purification of gases amount to two hundred and fourteen thousand cubic meters per hour.

In each system there are means controlling the operation of the units and automate the process. The degree of purification of gases is quite high.

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