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Sino-us deficit has been reduced in the past year

Sino-us deficit has been reduced in the past year

Imports of steelmaking materials into China from Latin America increased. In comparison with the last year it has increased by twelve percent. As a result, imports amounted to two hundred forty-two million tons of raw materials.

The shortfall in trade relations with China amounted to more twenty billions of dollars. According to information in China-Latin America Foreing Earbook 2014−16 will be presented to the trade deficit became smaller. Selling steel products from China to Latin America declined throughout the year.

Import steel materials from China America has increased by twelve percent. The total volume of imports in China also increased by nine percent. In 2015 it was equal to a billion and one hundred and ten tons, and in 2016 already amounted to one billion and two hundred and eighty tons. These key raw materials import-export relations was iron ore. Import of raw materials increased by twelve percent compared to last year. Leading seller of iron ore is usually made by Brazil. On its exports dropped nearly 90% of its procurement from China in the region. At the same time, the import of raw materials in the opposite direction — from America to China has decreased. Amounting to one million one hundred thousand tons, it fell to thirty-six percent. In financial terms, imports of materials fell by a third and up to two hundred seventy-four million dollars.

Aggregated shipments from China to America of steel products amounted to seven and a half million tons. This is almost twenty percent less than the year before. Finished steel to China during the year, mostly supplied from Central America. She sold about twenty-five percent of imports in the region. Regional import stopped on the figure of one million eight hundred thousand tons of finished products. The second place was occupied by Chile with imported in volumes of one million three hundred thousand tons. The next place in the ranking of Peru, with a little less than one million tons of imports. Fourth place is Brazil, followed by Colombia and Mexico. The volumes in these countries ranged from 800 to 500 thousand tons.

The export of steel sheets from China is three and a half tons. It’s a little more than half of the total volume of finished products and related products.

At the same time generalized the volume of sales of finished steel products in China fell. In the past year they have decreased by slightly less than forty percent.

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