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In the UK are trying to rectify the situation in pension funds

In the UK are trying to rectify the situation in pension funds

The issue with a considerable shortfall of the pension Fund are keenly concerned of Tata Steele. In addition, last year there was a crash of starteller BKHS. These developments started the process of tracking the size of the pension Fund, as well as direct payments in other areas. The conclusions that were made after that, is hardly joyful.

There is a huge expectation that the majority of companies from the UK will take steps to reorganize their budgets. So firms will be able to cover the growing deficit in the pension funds. In order to achieve this result we want to apply the plan change capital. Even if such actions will not lead to improved outcomes, the company will reduce dividends.

Pension schemes are mainly provided by state bonds, which were installed payments. However, the low interest rates and changing investment areas of Britain have led to lower revenues. And it led to a shortage in turn.

Most companies in Britain have already started to deal with the deficit. For example, Carclo company that produces plastic, started to reduce the payment of dividends. In turn, Communities involved in printing, reduce their capital. According to the owners, such actions should be positively displayed on their retirement program.

It is hoped that the largest possible number of firms follow suit. The organizations that conduct the subject shares through ФТСЕ100 financial exchange. In such cases, the pension programs covered less than 90%, which is a poor result. Compared to the end of 2015, when the figures were 98%.

According to managing Director Lincoln Pensiones action of this kind from the mid capitalised companies only start. According to the organization Mercer the deficit in pension funds actually rose three times. Now they are talking about more than three hundred companies, the shares of which matched to a single index. The turnover of shares was controlled by the London stock Exchange.

In 2016, the authorities of Foggy Albion was able to help a giant like Tata still. But will they be able to keep the balance — the question is still unanswered. The lion’s share of big companies is counting on concessions from the authorities. However, they are threatened with the withdrawal of assets from the country.

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