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Iran denies accusations of artificially low steel prices

Iran denies accusations of artificially low steel prices

The international community has accused of dumping in the global community. According to the head of one of the largest holdings of IMIDRO accusations are unfounded. He argues that such statements were put forward by those who are afraid to lose their market.

Managing Director at the press conference noted that for many, the promotion of Iranian products has become a problem.

Mehdi Karbasian said: «Over the past year, Iran has achieved exports in the amount of four tones began. However, this year was a new record. This has led some to declare their dumping in order to preserve their markets. At the same time, global markets suffer from a sharp downturn.»

For the last two years the country has taken a worthy place in the global market. Therefore, this resulted in the growth of steel exports. This was another reason to renew talks about Iran dumping.

The most dangerous for Iran accusations from the European Union. EU not so long ago started an anti-dumping investigation against Iran. If the allegations are confirmed, expect Iran to disastrous consequences.

Representatives of the European steel Association said that Iranian manufacturers have dramatically increased the export of hot rolled. This led to accusations of violation of world trade laws.

It is planned that the final decision on the investigation will be made on the seventh of April. In addition, the European Union will launch an investigation to confirm whether Iran lowers the price of steel.

Mehdi Karbasian at the same time urged to focus on resolving internal problems. Ending his speech, he said: «prosecutors Have no grounds to speak about the dumping of Iran. All of this is just allegations».

Karbasian believes that at present Iran needs to continue the development of the steel industry. Besides, experts assume that the next half will be growth in domestic demand for steel. Which will be associated with the beginning of many large-scale construction projects. Thus, the Iranian metallurgists will be able to reverse the results of anti-dumping investigations.

As for the charges, it is likely on Iran will be imposed anti-dumping measures. Because in the world there is a tendency to closure of markets to sustain local producers.

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