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The Chilean industry is in search of investors

The Chilean industry is in search of investors

Chile, a leader in the copper industry in the world, is trying to lure more sponsors in their industry. But in addition to good developing copper areas in the country seek to expand the horizons of copper-dependent economy. This will be possible, taking advantage of the increasing demand for environmentally friendly resources. Such energy resources can be safely attributed to lithium.

Now Chile is in search of strategic partners to assist in start of production. Not long ago, a Chilean state-owned company on mining introduced new places. About ten fields were represented in Canada by the company ENEMY. Some of them are located in completely undeveloped areas. Developed projects for the study of the fields near the open. Some of them are located near the mines used.

A mission was developed a list of ore concessions, which is a National. It contains geo-physical and — chemical data. The register also shows that licensing is available more than 60% of the territory of Chile. And all these lands filled with natural resources required.

«Codelco» does not pay attention to the unexpected jump in the cost of copper at the end of last year. The Chilean Corporation for production of copper adheres to its own system. They are trying to reduce the capital expenditure programme. According to the plans, by 2020 they should be $ 18 billion. This money should be directed at development obsolete mines. The initial investment by reducing cost was twenty-five billion dollars.

At the present time market conditions make it possible to predict price increases. But in fact much more important than stable market conditions. They will maintain upward trend.

The production of «Codelco» today remains the same. According to preliminary calculations, the increase will be closer to 2023.

In addition to copper, Chile is elected for a leading position in the production of lithium. Nowadays, the country is the second largest scale manufacturer of white metals. The material has become a necessary part of the batteries for various devices and gadgets.

In the next couple of years, the projected growth of demand for so-called «white oil». To the fore its use for fusion reactors. But not least, there is also lithium-aluminium alloys and batteries for electric vehicles.

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