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ArcelorMittal violated environmental standards, Bosnia

Since 2004, ArcelorMittal has become part of Lakshmi Mittal. At that time they promised to redirect some of the efforts to protect the environment. It was planned to allocate a considerable amount on the environment. But after a decade, you can watch and not completed work in this direction. The implementation was subject to only a small fraction of the project. This has led to what is today Bosnia is one of the leading countries in air pollution. And the Apple of his status as the most filthy city in the country.

Journalists from the United States was investigated, the purpose of which was the disclosure Lakshminath. It comes up that ArcelorMittal not under force to comply with minimum environmental standards. In addition, one of the Central offices of the complex even after the lapse of fifteen years without the necessary permits.

The article whistleblower says that the acquisition of the plant Lakshmi Mittel guaranteed to allocate investments to the country’s ecology. But even now in life are only a small part is planned. As a result Bosnia every year higher in the ranking of the most polluted countries in the world. Zenica, in turn, is the most polluted city in the country. She suffered from non-compliance of environmental norms. The city’s population is about one hundred thousand. Up to 91 years of the last century about a fifth of the residents worked for ArcelorMittal. In our days Lakshminath employs only two thousand. But even they complain about the instability of their future.

According to the information that was journalists, the reduction of harmful emissions had to be made before 2011. But to this day the not made. Even more, some plans were not even started. As a result, today the plant is carried out without the necessary permissions in the environment. The expiration date is past out in 2015, and the new one still not received. The company’s management Board gave their comments on the situation. They say that all of the necessary documents are received as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the company can work without them. Elevated levels of hazardous substances explain the old heating system of the city. In addition, the owners of the company was charged the local residents. According to them, they use too much coal for heating.

In 2015, activists from Bosnia, a lawsuit was filed on ArcelorMittal. Last year, the city was re-filed a lawsuit against the company and the Federal government. At the moment they both are considered law enforcement. The company itself denies any allegations. Representatives said that the program in ecology has invested more than forty million euros. Until next year plans to install the plant’s upgraded treatment system.

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