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The crisis in the steel industry has benefited the UK

David Pile from Swansea University spoke about the future of the industry in the UK. Pile believes the country may once again regain its status as one of the leaders in the steel industry. But for this, the industry needs government support. In addition, it is important to upgrade production facilities and introduce innovative technology.

In an interview with British newspaper David Pile says that the crisis has benefited the country. But the UK government has learnt lessons from it. Recall that the UK has experienced a prolonged systemic crisis in the steel industry. Its top can be considered the decision of the Corporation Tata Steel to sell all businesses in the country. Moreover, the value of the property Tata was below market.

Pile says: «Tata Steel and the unions are not concentrating on the existing problems. Instead, it has developed a ten-year investment plan. Its cost, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to one billion pounds». The pile has twenty years of experience in the steel industry. And according to him, this is the first such long-term plan for investment in history.

Now to restore the former capacity of the steel industry is important, fresh ideas and creative approach. Along with this, the government should support and stimulate innovation in the UK. It is important to understand that in order to regain its potential you need to make a serious effort. What is most important is the creation of favorable conditions for the functioning of the industry.

David Pile said, at present, there is the possibility of restructuring the current model of the industry. However, we are not talking about interference from the government. It is only the creation of favorable conditions for the development of the industry.

The English expert believes that the industry to refocus on vysokopilya products. Only this approach can ensure the economic prosperity of the industry. In this case we can talk about the eco-friendliness of production. David Pile says that after the creation of the proper model it is possible to speak to the transfer of experience to other States. Since world production is now focused improving the state of the environment. Reduction of hydrocarbon consumption and greenhouse emissions — one of the main goals of the industry.

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