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China complained to the WTO on the country, refused to recognize him as a country with market economy

China complained to the WTO on the country, refused to recognize him as a country with market economy

China intends to fight for the status of country with market economy. On Monday, the DPRK began a formal process of appeal against the decision of the US and EU. The latter has denied China the status of market economies. The celestial Empire for fifteen years, is a member of the world trade organization. This fact was supposed to be the reason for the automatic assignment of the status of the DPRK.

First and foremost, this event was supposed to negate the numerous anti-dumping investigations. China wants to achieve what would Europe and the United States rejected the term «surrogate weird.» The representatives of the DPRK insist on fair pricing and duties during the investigation.

The Ministry of Commerce of the DPRK expressed his opinion about the current situation: «it is unfortunate that neither the European Union nor the United States has not fulfilled its obligations.» The statement was posted on the official website of the Ministry on Monday.

The Ministry of Commerce of the States, also commented on the news: «China's Accession to WTO does not automatically assign status of country with market economy. This means that anti-dumping investigations against China, will be conducted on alternative methods.»

China, in turn, does not intend to give up. The country intends to oblige the WTO to establish a special Commission. The investigation into non-compliance with the obligations in the end should allow China to get the status.

The Ministry stressed that China intends to defend its legitimate rights in accordance with the rules.

Last month the European Commission proposed to give the DPRK the status of a country with a market economy, with some reservations. First and foremost, they have to deal with trade cases. Thus, it would be high tariffs on Chinese goods.

As for the U.S., where last week there were anti-dumping duties levied on China.

And the European Union launched a new anti-dumping investigation in respect of the supply of Chinese steel sheet. It was here, in documents relative to the DPRK refers to the term «surrogate country».

The behavior of the US and the EU is understandable and predictable. The country is trying to protect local producers. Experts have long predicted the decline of European and American steel industry in the case of the assignment to China of the above-mentioned status.

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