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In the US determined preliminary duty on heavy plates

In the US determined preliminary duty on heavy plates

The United States has adopted anti-dumping duties on tolstolistyj alloy and carbon steel on some mill. The sanction affected the countries of Europe and Asia. The list includes France, China, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Taiwan and Japan. Cause tightening of import from these countries was based on the complaint of American manufacturers.

The size of the anti-dumping duty varies depending on the exporting country. So, for German manufacturers, the fee amounts to 6, at 56 percent. A bit more expensive will have to pay the Belgians (from 2.14% to 8.98%) and the Austrians (almost 42%). Most affected Italian company Marcegaglia, now they have to pay 130,63 percent duties. The reason for this decision, concerning the Italians, was the refusal of the company to provide any cooperation in the investigation. For the rest of the producers from Italy, the fee ranges from 6.10 per cent to 8.34%.

Measure, indirectly touched the steel giant NLMK. Because, NLMK Verona is part of the Russian company.

For failure to cooperate with the investigation and was «punished» and other suppliers. So, Japan’s JFE Steel Corp and Shimabun obliged to pay 48,64% of the fee. While for other manufacturers from Japan, the amount of the fee does not exceed 15%.

The situation is similar with Taiwan China Steel — a fee of 28% versus 3.51 for other companies.

French companies will have to pay a fee ranging from 4.26 percent to 12.97. For Korean suppliers, the fee amounts to 6.82 percent. And all Chinese steel producers, the importation of goods into the territory of the United States will pay 68,27%.

According to statistics, last year the level of imports of plate steel sheets amounted to 1,342 million tons. The percentage of countries that fall under the anti-dumping investigation, amounted to 72.5 percent. In figures, this figure is 927,1 thousand tons.

Largest share of heavy-gauge steel have the share of the Korea. For the first six months of this year, the Korean company brought in the United States 300 thousand tons. That twice exceeds last year’s figures.

Over the past nine months in the United States imported 888,5 thousands of tons of heavy-gauge steel sheets. The proportion of countries involved in the investigation amounted to more than half of total imports — 649,6 thousand tons.

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