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Uralelectromed: the furnace capacity is increased

The production of polymetals JSC «Uralelektromed» is an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of UMMC. The company is actively modernizing technological processes. Kirovohrad branch of Uralelectromed started to use a new technology. It allows you to enrich with oxygen the furnace blast. Prior to that, for blowing used air that was heated to 3500 C. the Cost of the project reaches 25 million RUB. Their opinions on the project were shared by the head of the metallurgical Department. Alexey Sobolev. According to him, the introduction of new technology-blast Production of polymetals intensified melting process. The result was the increase of the processed volumes of clinker. It is a byproduct of zinc production. Its processing allows to obtain additional amounts of copper and precious metals. The number of processed clinker after implementation of the project will reach about 100,000 tons annually.

In the process of implementation of the project on the Production of built area for the gasification of liquid oxygen. Equipment manufacturer is a German company. Industrial tests started in 2013, in August. Their completion had for 2015. To date, the furnace capacity has increased by 18%. The algorithm of technological process is as follows: this study uses liquid oxygen. A day consumed about 60 tons. Its delivery to the industrial site by road. Then it is poured into cryogenic tanks in the amount of two pieces. The volume of each is 53 tons. After this liquid oxygen enters the evaporator-gasifier in the amount of four pieces. There it flows in a gaseous state. In sum, the performance of the gasifier reaches 390 m3 of oxygen in the state of gas/hour. The resulting volume is enough for enrichment process. Oxygenated blast air is supplied to the three existing in the shop furnace.

Shaft furnace are the main units of the technological chain of the enterprise. They become the initial stage of the production process rough copper. The assortment of processed raw material is quite diverse. The list includes about two dozen species. It includes clinker, which is a by-product of production. And also extracted from him the copper-zinc ore, secondary materials, concentrates.

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