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MMK increases the volumes shipped flat metal

MMK increases the volumes shipped flat metal

To date, the services of metal products are the leading consumers of rolled metal products. OJSC MMK has provided data on production for a period of eight months. From January to August, MMK made a shipment of 1464 thousand tons of metal. For comparison, in 2015 the figure for the same period reached 1097 thousand tonnes. The Russian SMC of all shipments from MMK accounts for 41% of flat steel. This information was given by Andrey Golitsyn, CMI senior Manager, regional sales.

The review was made at the national conference on service centers of metal products. It was considered the equipment, the technology used, the market this year. Representative MMK has announced that shipments for SMC are distributed in equal amount in two directions cents. One is associated with production of profiled, thin-walled lightweight structures made of steel. The second includes trade in metal products, additional service. This includes stamping, the production of components for automakers.

For the manufacture of lightweight structures and sheeting MMK produces the supply of rental with coating. For the eight-month period of this year MMK has implemented 732 thousand tons of such rental. More than 50% of this production is delivered in regions of Siberia, the Urals. Delivery its production of corrugated sheets MMK shipped in the order of 46000 tons of rolled steel with coating. For the sector of the automotive industry MMK is one of the leading suppliers. The products are shipped not only for distribution via the services metal. Deliveries are directly to the manufacturers. The CMI on a regular basis developing new products for the automotive industry a variety of strength classes.

The activities of CMI in respect of painted, galvanized metal was evaluated by the results of the first half of 2016. During this period MMK occupies a leading position among domestic producers of rolled products. Strengthening their own position of MMK is building a hot dipped galvanizing line continuous. Its production capacity will be about 450000 tons/year. The launch of the line in operation presumably will be in the middle of next year. The plant is built on certain principles. All customer needs are satisfied thanks to a wide range of products. Its quality is constantly improving, as the service provided to clients. The factory offers the best working conditions and conducts a balanced policy claim.
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