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In Canada launched another anti-dumping investigation

In Canada launched another anti-dumping investigation

In Canada to start another anti-dumping investigation. This was reported CanadaBorderServicesAgency, a state Agency. The object of the investigation were German, Spanish, Portuguese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Japanese suppliers of rebar. Initiated the investigation of national producers. In the list of malcontents got AltaSteel, GerdauAmeristeel, ArcelorMittalLongProductsCanada. National metallurgists claim that in recent time, the imported volumes have increased. While canadian steel sector suffering big losses. The case will be considered by the Canadian court at the national trade. To 18.10.2016 year the decision will be made regarding the damage to the imports of rebar from these countries. CBSA to 17.10.2016 year will announce the preliminary verdict. It will indicate whether there has been dumping.

This investigation in Canada in respect of rebar is the second in the last two years. Last year was already set anti-dumping duties. Rate at 41% affected Chinese, Korean and Turkish rebar. On products from China was also imposed compensatory tax. National Association of steel producers satisfied with the new investigation. As they say in the future potential new claims. They will affect the dumping in the country cold-rolled and hot-rolled. In the list of products will also get a sheet of coated steel and other steel products.

The canadian government completed a review of the case against dumping of imported products, hot-rolled sheet and strip. Considered goods imported from nine countries, the number has hit Ukraine. After a second investigation the size of the imposed duty was changed. For companies from Taiwan and India import duty of about 77% canceled. It was introduced in 2001. Other producers were less fortunate. For other countries the taxes remain in force, they will act for at least five years.

The Taiwan Ministry of Finance also does not waive the imposition of anti-dumping taxes. The fees raised galvanized steel, rolled with a coating of zinc and aluminum. Manufacturers of products are Korea and China. Limitations installed with 22.08.2016. The period of validity is four months.

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