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Uralelectromed has implemented a new technology

Uralelectromed has implemented a new technology

Kirovograd branch of «Production of polymetals JSC Uralelectromed» is a enterprise complex of UMMC. In the framework of modernization of production has introduced the technology of oxygen blast furnaces of the mines. Prior to the introduction of innovations for blowing used air, the temperature of which was 3500 C. the Cost of transition to new processes amounted to 25 million RUB.

His assessment of the situation gave Alex Sobolev. He is the head of metallurgical production branch. According to him, after the introduction of new technology it was possible to intensify the melting procedure is mine. This step allowed to use in the process of processing the increased volume of clinker. Clinker is a byproduct of the production of zinc. He is the source from which extract precious metals and copper. After upgrading its number increased to 100 000 tons/year. During implementation of the project have erected a site for installation of the gasifier liquefied oxygen. The equipment was manufactured by the German company. Industrial tests started in 2013, in August. Completion of works had for 2015. To date, the performance of the furnaces of the mines managed to increase by 18 percent.

Consider what the new process. Used daily 60 tons of liquid oxygen. It is delivered to the industrial site of the enterprise with the help of vehicles. Then there is the fill in cryogenic tanks. The capacity of each of the two tanks is 53 tons. After the liquid oxygen passes through kislorodnogo and enters the evaporator-gasifier, the number of which is four. In them, the oxygen passes into the state of the gas. The performance of all gasifiers is 390 m3/h oxygen in gaseous form. Get enough space for the oxygen enrichment of the combustion air. After this procedure, it is fed to the shaft furnace involved in the steel production.

Blast furnace is one of the main units of the technological chain. Three furnaces installed in production, the procedure starts with formulating a draft of copper. MRP processes a rather large number of raw materials. The list includes clinker, raw materials, concentrates and copper-zinc ore. The Uralelektromed continues improvement of technological and other processes.

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