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The us Department of Commerce has identified another margin

The U.S. Department of Commerce had determined the dumping margin. Considered to be imported from Brazil, South Africa and Turkey steel plate. The investigation against steel was launched in April of this year. The initiators of the investigation were domestic producers. A petition was signed by SSAB, ArcelorMittal USA and Nucor. The Commerce Department estimated the dumping margins. For Brazilian products, it is 74,52%. If we consider South African suppliers for the bulk of it is made up of 87, 72%. The exception was the company Evraz Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corp. Her margin was 94,14%. Turkish producers also were divided into groups. The main was appointed for a margin 42,02%. Company Erdemir in this list were not included. For her dumping margins reached 50%. Representatives of the Ministry of Commerce announced that the producers did not want to cooperate with the investigation. On this basis, the margin was calculated in accordance with the existing adverse factors."

The statistical data provided and American customs authorities. According to them, last year deliveries of steel plates in the United States reached 1.41 million tons. The volume of imported steel sheet in comparison with the previous year decreased by 16.9%. From January to July this year the import volume amounted to 741,8 thousand tons. Compared to the same period last year dropped by 21.4%. South African companies in the current year even ceased supply of the product in the United States. Brazilian and Turkish exports together slightly exceeded 30000 tons. The total share of these countries in exports reached 4.3 percent. In early September 2016 U.S. Department of Commerce issued another preliminary decision. We are talking about subsidizing the Chinese exported steel plates. The size of the subsidy is estimated at 210,5%.

In mid-September, the us international trade Commission made a final decision. Means the anti-dumping investigation into the import of hot-rolled flat steel from a number of countries. The list includes Japanese, Turkish, South Korean, Australian, British, Brazilian and Dutch companies. In most cases, the Commission confirmed the damage to the national metallurgists.

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