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American companies continue to struggle with Chinese manufacturers

American manufacturers of steel products have continued to file complaints against Chinese suppliers. This time the lawsuit in the U.S. Department of Commerce came directly from the six major steel companies. In the list of malcontents joined ArcelorMittal USA, California Steel Industries, U. S. Steel, AK Steel, Steel Dynamics, and Nucor. In the joint petition, the company accused Chinese steelmakers sheet steel with corrosion-resistant coating, cold-rolled steel. The representatives of the victims claim that Chinese steelmakers bypass the countervailing, anti-dumping taxes. They do this intentionally, sending products to America through Vietnam.

Dissatisfied, the company explained how the bypass the prescribed fees. Chinese hot-rolled coiled products initially enters Vietnam. There it is «minimal» processing. Further, under the guise of galvanized or cold-rolled steel products for the US market. The allegation and volumes of supplies. In the first half of last year export from China, the volume reached 304000 tons of cold rolled products. In the same period, the volumes of galvanized steel made 523,5 thousand tons. In the second half of the year, volumes decreased significantly. They were, respectively, 139000 and 182300 tons. In 2016, the supply almost completely stopped. At the same time increased the volume of products exported by Vietnam. In the first half of last year supplied by cold-rolled steel was less than 7.9 thousand tons. In the first half of this year, the figure rose to the level of 157000 tons. Galvanized products increased from the level of less than 2000 to 118, 8 thousand tons.

This year, America has imposed anti-dumping and countervailing tariffs. They take into account the Chinese galvanized steel and cold rolled products. Taxes totaled 522,23% for cold rolled products. For sheet metal product with corrosion-resistant coating, it reached from 249,02 to 451,04%. Now American producers insist on the need to apply restrictions and limitations to Vietnamese goods. It is quite difficult to prove that bypass taxes Chinese companies. In Vietnam, there is no domestic production hot rolled sheet products. The supplies of the galvanized and cold-rolled products has really expanded. But it happened thanks to the forced resignation of the PRC from the U.S. market and the new Vietnamese capacity.

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