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In Latin America decreased production of steel

Their data provided Alacero, the Latin American Institute of steel. For the seven-month period of the current year output of steel in the region fell by 11%. Comparison was made with analogous period of last year. Production of finished steel by 2015 compared to the year fell 7%. The consumption of steel products decreased by 12%. Gradual decrease in the rate of decline. In the last month of 2016, a decline compared to the same period respectively reached 7, 2, 6%.

For the seven-month period, only three Latin American countries saw an increase in steel consumption. The comparison was made relative to the same period of 2015. The use of steel has increased in Peru, 6% in Honduras, 27% in Panama, 3%. Brazil has reduced consumption by 24%, which is 2.8 million tons. In Venezuela the apparent demand fell sharply by 82%, which amounted to more than 1 million tons. The region on sheet steel, which accounted for about 53% of consumption.

A significant reduction of Latin American imports of steel products influenced by several factors. These include adverse market conditions. Also affected by the trade restrictions imposed in many countries. For the first half of 2016, the imported volume reached 10.4 million tons. This indicator relative to the six-month period of 2015 below 21%. Sheet products accounted for about 67% of supply. This figure was justified by the added value of the region. Of the imports on the national market fell to 33%. In 2015, the share of imports reached 35%. However, Latin American countries have increased the volume of exported steel. The increase was 11% compared to the first half of 2015. Volume reached 4.5 million tons. Accordingly, the negative balance in the sale of rolled and semi-finished products decreased by 35%. But only Brazil remains a net exporter of steel products in the region. The main net importers Mexico is steel with a volume of 2.9 million tons. The volume of Colombia reach 1.2 million tons, Peru and Chile 790 and 785 thousand tons.

Complejo Siderurgico Nacional, a Venezuelan metallurgic manufacture can cease their activities. Steel production was resumed in may 2016. Before that, there was a four-month basic. Now stop can cause the lack of raw materials. The main plant of the company is watching the lack of hot briquetted iron. His delivery is almost completely frozen.

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