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The cost of non-ferrous metals is poor

Earlier this week, the price of non-ferrous metals on the London Stock Exchange showed a decline. Zinc price fell by 0.29% to reach 2,287 thousand. USD / ton. The price of aluminum has fallen by 0.50%, amounting to 1,660 thousand. USD. Copper has reached the level of 4,718 thousand. USD, falling by 1.43%. Nickel is estimated at 10,205 thousand. USD, its value decreased by 1.45%. The reason for reducing the cost of waiting were the performances by Janet Yellen. The head of the US Federal Reserve was to assess the situation. We are talking about plans for monetary policy. As believed by some economists in the United States, the economy resets momentum. Other analysts say the coming growth. As a result, the players do not exhibit activity against the investment in non-ferrous metal sector.

The situation has changed by the end of the week. The price of nickel on the London Stock Exchange fell to around 9.835 thousand. USD / ton. When considering the dynamics can be seen that the rate gradually decreased. As a result, it reached a six-week low. Members of the nickel market talk of a possible decrease in export volumes. This refers to the Philippine nickel raw materials and concentrates. Such a result could lead the government. They aim to slow down along with the closure of certain businesses. This includes companies whose activities violate environmental regulations. To date, these concerns are forfeited. However, an increase in volumes supplied Indonesian ferronickel. In warehouses belonging LME nickel stocks make up 372.414 tons.

The cost of copper throughout the week decreased. Now, however, seen an increase, an increase of 0.26%, reaching 4,539 thousand. USD / ton. The cost of aluminum has fallen by 0.21%, reaching 1,647 thousand. USD. The price of nickel was 9,920 thousand. USD. Zinc reached 2,282 thousand. USD.

Meanwhile, Norilsk Nickel, one of the largest producers of the metal, said on completion of the reconfiguration. Nickel Plant stop for two months ahead of schedule. 17.08.2016 year made a stop electrolysis shop. 08.24.2016, the discontinued operations chlor-cobalt shop. Phased plant stops started from the beginning of February this year. Sinter production stopped 10.07.2016 year. Roasting shop and smelting production stopped work 27.06.2016 year.

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