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Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK is ready to ship concentrate

Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK, part of a Group «Petropavlovsk», ready to ship the iron ore concentrate. The first cars with products already loaded and ready to go to the consumer. Was conducted calibration verification of railroad scales and the necessary equipment setup. The tests were quite successful. This fact is testified by the corresponding certificates. Why is needed calibration of the test? They are needed to assess the quality of functioning of railroad scales. Also provided by the selection of cars, thus focus on an optimal capacity. The selection is made taking into account requirements of the legislation of Russia.

Conducted preliminary tests site loading. He is involved in the supply of iron ore concentrate. Loading into wagons is done from the warehouse where it is stored wet concentrate. Several wagons were loaded for the preliminary examination of the impact trial shipments. When testing revealed the deficiencies. Their removal rests with the contractor. His assessment of the situation gave Yuri Makarov. The CEO of the Kimkano-sutarsky GOK told about all carried out start-up tests. They lasted for the last two months. The venue had all the sections of the concentrator plant. Calibration weights were successfully completed. No less successful was the test loading of the node. These actions brought the plant to start industrial production of marketable products. Real download of the concentrate was carried out in preparation for the initial shipment of goods to customers.

The equipment was tested under shestidesyatiletie load. Also in late July, had a three-day test. They were aimed at identifying the readiness of the factory. Evaluated the possibility of generating the required quantities of products with the required content. Testing consisted of continuous operation of the complex wet processing. 72 hours factory produced 9,509 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate. At the end of last month concentrator has accumulated 11,672 thousand tons of iron ore products.

On 18 July, the factory production of iron ore concentrate amounted to more than one thousand tons. The received quantity of the products proved that the work is carried out in accordance with the previously established schedule. All tests confirm the imminent commencement of commercial operation of the plant.

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