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China will not support the export of steel

China will not support the export of steel

The decline in the global market resumed. In the end, the number of countries imposing restrictions on imported Chinese Bicycle continues to increase. The Chinese government ignores the need to take real measures that reduce the volume of external supplies. Statements from the mouth of the authorities to sound a conciliatory tone — it gets better by itself. Another statement in a similar vein have been made by the Ministry of trade of the country. According to the representative of the Ministry, the Chinese authorities do not encourage steel exports. On the contrary, carried out all necessary measures for its limitation. As proof are the measures adopted in the past decade. Then in China imposed export duties affecting products. Exporters at the same return the VAT only partially, and then not always. Such an event is possible only in the case of the supply of rental with increased added value.

The representative of MOFCOM pointed to the slowdown of the country’s exports of steel. From January to may 2015 its volumes significantly exceeded the figures of 2014. The difference amounted to almost 30%. In January-may 2016 the result showed a decline to the level of 6.4%. In may, the result reached 3.7%. Experts do not exclude the decline in Chinese steel exports relative to last year. And supplies in General are unlikely to be less than 100 million tons. In 2015, the total amount reached up to 112,4 million tons.

Meanwhile, the structure of steel exports, China is undergoing changes. The supply is gradually reduced. This trend is seen in relation to the countries and regions imposing countervailing and anti-dumping duties. Your details on the situation provided, the Latin American Institute of steel Alacero. Considered the period January-may 2016. The supply of steel production in China reached 2.7 million tons. This figure compared with year 2015 decreased by 35%. 22% of the export of Chinese products came to the countries of Central America. The share of Chile had 17%. In Peru, the importation of products of China amounted to 14%. Reduced the number of procurement Mexico, Argentina, Brazil. Compared to 2015 year the number fell by 63%, 75%, 68%, respectively. The influence factors of steel import restrictions, along with the economic crisis. Especially strongly it has affected Argentina and Brazil. Input duties are forcing steelmakers China to look for new ways of marketing. Deliveries in the countries of Southeast and East Asia.

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