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Uralelectromed introduces new technologies

Uralelectromed introduces new technologies

Uralelectromed is included in the complex of UMMC, continues to introduce new technologies. The changes affected the plant, which produces powder products. It has commissioned a complex tumbling processing. The so-called process allowing to pre-process the surface of solids, removing flaws. The cost of the complex is 1.2 million RUB.

Vladimir Kazansky, the head of Department, told about the advantage of the new method. Previously clean surfaces were produced by manual metal processing. Now for such operation is launched vibroactivity complex. The improved process will enhance the quality of the products. Another plus — increase shop productivity.

The modernization of the plant was made a careful selection of equipment. Estimated components necessary for carrying out tumbling operations. As a result it was decided to use the technology of mechanical wet mass finishing. To clean and protect the product from oxidation it requires the addition of the compound. The complex includes wirobrajan and vibrosource. The volume of wirobrajan is 400 liters. It is filled with a plastic abrasive. In vibrosource there is a mixture of crushed corn. One cycle allows to process about 100 kg of parts. Tumbling processing is subjected to approximately 25 articles made of copper powders. The next stage of machining — plating. Mostly in the shop to produce the contacts, insights, contacttitle.

The procedure of treatment takes about half an hour. Copper parts are loaded into the drum, is equipped with a vibration drive. Vibration is produced by mixing parts with tumbling bodies. The result is a smooth, refined surface. Next, the parts are washed, cleaned from tumbling environment. The next stage tumble dryer. It contained crushed corn heated to 600 C. It perfectly absorbs moisture, which is due to temperature escapes into the atmosphere. Throughout the year the process uses about 50 kg of maize.

This is not the only innovation that introduces Uralelectromed. In mid-June in the copper tankhouse began installing polymer concrete baths. Their total number will amount to 448 pieces. That is the electrolytic cell are responsible for the electrolytic refining of copper. This uses an unsupported technology.

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