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Russian steelmakers say about violations of the EU

The European Commission has provided material concerning anti-dumping duties on Russian steel industry. We are talking about the increase of tariffs by the EU, affecting cold-rolled steel. So, the tariffs in respect of Severstal increased to the level at 34.1%. Previously the figure was 25.4%. Duty, imposed on NLMK products from 26.2 percent increased to 36.1%. For other Russian suppliers has increased from 26.2 percent to 36.1%. The exception was company. For her duty, the EC has reduced from 19.8% to 18.7%. Changes have occurred in the process of recalculating the dumping margin of companies, which for Severstal reaches 63.8% of the. Previously, the figure was 25.4%. New margin NLMK reached 68.3 per cent against 26.2 percent. The final decision on the question of the duties of the EC is planning to take in August 2016.

Representatives of Russian companies expressed open dissatisfaction with the actions of the European Commission. In their opinion, the investigation was carried out with various kinds of multiple violations. In response they filed a complaint in E. K. Informationvoluntarily supplied by NLMK, was not only ignored. There was a replacement of data and incorrect calculations. Representatives of the NLMK talking about the absurdity of protective duties. She imputed an international company, having invested over 1 billion USD in the development of enterprises. Five steel production facilities located in four countries of the E. S. In the factories employed more than 2,000 people. And invest in the development of enterprises continues.

Representatives of Severstal indicate active cooperation with the E. C., However, provides information for consideration and request for additional verification was rejected. Representatives of Severstal indicate the complete absence of dumping. They also intend to protect their own interests, observing the international law of procedure.

Despite the fact that CMI import duties were reduced, the company is dissatisfied with their size. Its representatives are talking about shipments at market value. And of any violations of the law of the question. MMK plans to use all possible legal means to challenge decisions regarding fees. All Russian companies indicate numerous violations of the Charter of E. S. Trampling on the fundamental rights can be regarded as the basis to conduct administrative investigation.

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