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How did may day

The day of solidarity of workers — or simply the First of may is celebrated in many countries. However, the younger generation often perceive this date just as a further output, having no idea about the historical significance of the holiday. Perhaps, it makes sense to tell in more detail how this festive day.

In accordance with data provided by Wikipedia, the First of may is celebrated in 142 countries. However, the birthplace of the holiday is America, where the events took place, which appeared this memorable date. So, in 1886, may 1, the Chicago city police was thrown to the suppression of workers ' demonstrations. The workers ' protest was aimed against low wages and incredibly hard working conditions. The strike was organized by representatives of the socialist, Communist parties and other Chicago organizations. The main objective of the protest was to draw attention of authorities to the problems of working people. The consequences of the meeting was disappointing, because the government refused to consider a demonstration as legitimate. On the way protesters were quickly exposed police forces. On the part of the authorities to demand the termination of the strike. In response, crowds of demonstrators came single shots, which provoked the police to open aimed fire. The collision led to numerous victims. Subsequently, the employees of Chicago in memory of the bloody date every year on may 1 demonstrating. They put forward demands aimed at improving working conditions for all workers.

Three years after the bloody events in America, the Paris Congress, it was decided to name the date as world Day of solidarity of workers. That Congress has put forward a proposal to hold ceremonial marches and demonstrations, which had voiced the demands of the workers. American event did not leave indifferent and the workers of tsarist Russia. The first demonstration, to coincide with the anniversary, took place in 1890. 1 may in Warsaw was organized the strike, which was attended by 10000 workers. However, quite a long time, demonstrations in Russia were forced to disguised as festivities. And only in 1917 after the October revolution the may 1 holiday was made official. From that moment, military parades and demonstrations were carried out openly with banners and slogans in their hands.

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