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Perforated metal sheets, ГОСТ16523-97

Perforated metal sheets, ГОСТ16523-97

Perforation metal products gives them new properties. Products are becoming easier, are able to transmit light, air. Perforation of the sheets is performed using programmable machine tools. Crimping equipment, ensuring high dimensional accuracy of the holes. If you need a perforation particularly strong grades of steel, using laser technology.

For punching metal sheets made from carbon steel. The thickness of sheet is from 0.5 to 2 mm. Width of workpieces reaches a width of 1.25 m. specifications perforated steel must comply with GOST 16523−97. Obtained in accordance with the requirements of GOST steel products have high strength. Holes are placed in the programmed order. To improve wear resistance and durability, perforated product is subjected to hot galvanizing. Zinc increases the protective properties of the metal and gives it a superior decorative appearance. Perforations are also produced on sheet aluminum or sheets of stainless steel. Products produced from a light alloy, durable enough and very easy to use.

Past the perforation process sheets made structures of various shapes. Perforation involves different layouts of the holes of a given shape:

· square or round shape, straight rows of holes;

· square or round shape, the rows of holes are offset;

· square shape, holes offset diagonally;

· hexagonal shape resembling a honeycomb, the ranks of the displaced;

· holes located to directly or with an offset.

Hole sizes are set depending on their shape. Cross-section round, square or hex are in sizes from 1.1 to 25 mm. the Holes are rectangular or oblong shape have dimensions of 1.2x12 mm to 12x50 mm In accordance with the hole location, configuration and number of transparency gains 6−60% of the leaf area.

Stainless, galvanized, steel and aluminum sheets are an excellent construction material. It is easily treatable. It is widely used in construction, industrial, agricultural, machine-building sector. Perforated sheets are used as cladding, suspended ceilings, screens of heating devices. Used as elements of outdoor advertising, body parts, protective covers. Of them can be made filters, ducts, conveyor belts.

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