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Products with coating continues to flood world markets

17 Mar opened the Moscow conference, the main theme of which is devoted to galvanized metal. Assessment World Steel Association output sheet galvanized rolled in 2015 amounted to more than 155 million tons. Of this amount, more than 50 million tons were produced by China. Over 30 million tons accounted for EU countries. In the goods coated processed an average of about 20% of hot rolled. Considering the amount of global production.

In the last few decades the sector of coated steel sheet demonstrates rapid expansion. This is not surprising, given the technical characteristics of the material. Coated steel has high anti-corrosion properties. Due to this, it actively oppresses uncovered to rent in all industrial sectors. Such steel is widely used in automotive, construction industry, sector of household appliances. The company Markets & Markets conducted market research. According to him, today in the world with more than 800 lines of galvanizing. However, their number continues to grow.

Chinese iron and steel sector in recent years has stepped up the production of galvanized steel. At the moment, the formation of new capacity has slowed somewhat. However, to stop the Chinese manufacturers did not intend. Observed the construction of plants for the production of galvanized sheet in China, Mexico, Indonesia. Increasing the volume of production of construction products in Russia, UAE and Vietnam.

Mainly consumers of galvanized steel products is the automotive and construction industry. In China, Russia and India, the share of the construction sector accounts for about 60−75% of the consumption of products. In the EU and USA over 50% of the goods with the coating uses the automotive industry and the sector of household appliances.

Global volumes of export of flat products, coated exceed 55 million tons annually. The main exporter of coated steel sheet — China. Last year, Chinese manufacturers exported abroad 8.22 million tons of galvanized products. Deliveries of coated rolled steel amounted to 7.06 million tonnes. Chinese exports diverges quite widely. However, its cost is quite high. Comparing the cost of shipping with the final cost of the product, no one will doubt the benefits obtained. It is not surprising that the market of steel products coated is global.

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