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Round stainless steel

Round stainless steel

Speaking of stainless steel circle manufacturers involve a rod with a circular cross section. This product from stainless steel is treated. It is produced through a rolling mill. Accordingly, the resulting products belong to the metal. To date, the metal, which includes affordable solution materials is high-quality products. It finds application in industry and other sectors. Stainless steel bar comes consumers under the names of rod or stainless steel logs. Also used the definition of «pig». Diameter of products ranges from 2 mm to 160 mm.

The most popular are bars made from high alloy steel, carbon and low alloy.

To increase the strength of rods of stainless steel, made them special treatment. Thermal methods include annealing, hardening and subsequent aging. Carbon steel is used for the production of the ingots are hot rolled. Alloy steel is used for producing hot-rolled and forged blanks. Doping is necessary to increase the metal resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.

Processing is done with the help of various technological processes. As a result, get stainless rods of different lengths and precision. Vary and obtained the grade of material — for the price and characteristics. Almost every manufacturer is able to offer a wide assortment of stainless products of such a plan.

Stainless steelused for the production of rods, has a high resistance to corrosion. Its inherent properties are retained at elevated temperatures, up to about 6000 C. The same applies to the effects of various acids. While stainless steel rod remains plastic and high strength. It is easily welded, it can be used in a variety of sectors. Such products are widely used in machine-building sector, architecture, automobile industry, aircraft building. Do not pass products to its attention, the oil and gas industry and shipbuilding, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Classification of products is based on the type of production. It can be calibrated circles and hot and netravlenoy. In turn calibrated products are divided into brushed and matte. Surface when it is subjected to further processing. Hot rolled products have 3 degrees of accuracy.

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