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Kola MMC completed the renovation of the ore-thermal furnace

Kola MMC is a subsidiary of «Norilsk Nickel». To date, the smelter completed a repair project. In its framework was made overhaul the ore thermal furnace No. 5. Metallurgists of the company have long anticipated this event, given the date of the previous similar project. Last update of melting units were in Nickel about three decades ago. Annual capacity of the furnace № 5 reaches 150−180 thousand tons of copper-Nickelmatte.

To return to the production cycle furnace No. 5 was decided for certain reasons. Nearing time for a scheduled overhaul. While the smelter is forced to withdraw from the operation of ore-thermal furnace № 3 and № 4. Replacement bottoms are planned in stages at each of the furnaces. The realization of the production plan is performed via RTP No. 5. According to Igor Rescale, General Director of Kola MMC to run the furnace opens up new possibilities. The melting capacity will be used in various combinations. That prior to the execution of the production program, the economic efficiency will increase significantly.

Among other things, the reconstruction program has an environmental focus. Repairs included the introduction of new technologies. They will significantly increase the sealing of the RTP. Due to this, the release of harmful components into the atmosphere will decrease. Thus, there will be improved environmental parameters of the process. Investments in the implementation of the program by Norilsk Nickel amounted to 732,5 mln RUB.

Prior to that, in the refining shop of Kola MMC was completed the overhaul of two furnaces. PKS — furnace fluidized bed is suitable for roasting of concentrate of Nickel. Also it is used to obtain the oxide of Nickel. TPR — tube furnace reactor allows to restore the oxide of Nickel. In the end, get the product, the degree of metallization reaches 95% PNP. The last major overhaul was conducted in 2011. February repair included partial replacement of casing, bottom sheet, boxes air. Also replaced the furnace lining and 5 blocks drop flue. Finish by means of refractory materials necessary to ensure the protection of the furnace. The metal in the process are exposed to high temperature changes. The highest point reaches 1.2 thousand degrees. Also the negative impact of sulfur-containing process gases.

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