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Steelmakers of the EU require protection from Russian and Chinese supplies

Steelmakers of the EU require protection from Russian and Chinese supplies

The governments of countries outside the EU, have addressed the European Commission with the demand. It is the introduction of mechanisms to protect the domestic industry. The threat, in their opinion, represent shipments of steel from Russia and China. The volume of imports supplied by Russia, China and Ukraine, account for about 60% of the imported products. E. S. manufacturers have long expressed concerns about the current situation. The power one after the other starting defensive investigations. Joint statement of Ministers of 7 countries of the EU was sent to the European Commission on 5 February. In the message it is about the inadmissibility passive position. Especially given the growing reduction of operating points. Also, a decrease in domestic production capacity. In combination, these factors lead to a crisis in the European steel sector.

Representatives of the countries call on the European Commission to reform the existing protective system of trade. In their opinion, it should be more effective and fast. Also, you must initiate a new investigation. They should be submitted for consideration of the cost of imported Chinese hot-rolled steel. Protective measures expected to be discussed in mid-February.

Eurofer provided for consideration of private data. Last year, the imported volume of steel in the EU countries reached nearly 5.3 million tons. Exports totaled approximately 5 million tons. Russia, Ukraine and China accounted for 60% of imported volumes. Currently already carried out anti-dumping investigation. It concerns the Russian and Chinese flat cold-rolled steel. Representatives of Reuters announced estimated preliminary duties. For Russian producers they will be about 26%. For steelmakers China their size will reach 16%. Own position relative to the inflicted Russian import of damages reconsidered, and Turkey. Now we are talking about the size of the dumping margins of Russian producers at the level of 13,66%. In General under the investigation of Russian supplies to Turkey and the EC are estimated at 700 million USD.

In the company are optimistic. Members of the Group believe that the restrictions are going to be good for their European assets. Today, they are not loaded fully. But in General, anti-dumping policy of the EU NLMK is evaluated negatively. Deliveries of metal produced at market value. Thus, protective tariffs against the Group are unfounded.

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