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Residents of the Chelyabinsk region support Tominskiy project

All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion conducted a survey regarding the construction of the Tominsk GOK. In accordance with the obtained results, the most part of Chelyabinsk is positive. Residents of the area approve of the project, the GOK implemented by Russian copper company. It is assumed that in this way will improve the economy of the region. According to VTSIOM, the population looks with a certain optimism on the anticipated benefits. 51% of the total number of respondents talking about a possible project for the region. Only 7% of respondents predicted a worsening of the situation. Take into account the fact that the project is known, 69% of residents in the study area. At the same time, 51% directly of the building responds rather negatively. However, this estimate can be improved in the future.

26% of respondents insist on the inviolability of the negative opinions. Dissatisfied respondents suggest to continue the protest against the implementation of the construction. Other suggest that there may be a compromise. From the government in this case awaiting the decision of some social problems. This survey was carried out by order of the socio-legal movement «For the revival of the Urals». It was held in October-November last year. In a telephone survey was attended by about 3.6 thousand people. The statistical error is less than 3%.

Meanwhile, the press service of the RCC says about the positive conclusion of ecological expertise. The project is waiting and examination of town planning. These procedures are mandatory under Russian law. Another measure additional environmental audit. Concerning it was reached some agreement.

In the implementation of the Tominskoye project was invested about 55 billion RUB. First place will be able to process 17 million tons of copper-porphyry of raw materials annually. Presumably its launch will be in 2017. The second turn after starting to increase production volumes to 28 million tons of raw materials annually. To date, the construction project of the GOK passed the stage of public hearings. This step is required for projects receiving state examination. Tominsk Deposit is one of the leading positions among the world’s copper deposits. In Russia, it is the clear leader. According to statistics from the operational stocks of raw materials amount to 630 million tons.

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