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In 2015, the Gaiskiy GOK handled 9 million tons of raw materials

In 2015, the Gaiskiy GOK handled 9 million tons of raw materials

Gaiskiy GOK, a part of raw complex UGMK finished in 2015 at a record. According to statistics for the year the company processed more than 9.3 million tons of raw materials. In comparison with 2014 growth reached 1 million tons. Production of copper concentrate volume reached 95.1 per thousand tons. In the history of the MPC, which is 55 years old, a record level. According to Dmitry Semyonov, head of the mining plant, and was impressed with the performance of the concentrator plant. For granted in 2015 increased the amount of extracted concentrate of copper with a copper content of 19.2%. The increase was 0.5%. Thus in 2014, the content of copper in concentrate was lower by 0.2%.

Such high performance was achieved thanks to the developed strategic program. It includes the reconstruction and technical re-equipment and processing plant. In 2010, the operation launched the first line of ore pretreatment complex. It applies the technology of semi-autogenous grinding. After the introduction of increased recycling in 2010 amounted to 700,000 tonnes of ore. In 2011 the processing volume has reached 7.3 million tons/year. In the end regarding 2009, growth reached 1.7 million tons. In 2014, the operation entered a second line of ore pretreatment complex. Simultaneously with the construction of the complex was carried out technical re-equipment of the main building. In 2008 the company has started the work of 100 of the flotation. The manufacturer was the company «Metso Minerals». In 2012, the launch of the 2nd line of flotation. Manufacturer of second batch of equipment was the company «Outotec». In 2014 started the operation of the flotation machines RIF, which is used in a series of copper-pyrite and copperflotation.

Gennady stawski, Director of the Gaiskiy GOK, appreciates the cohesion and professionalism of the staff. His employees are able to solve tasks and to achieve the required goal. The restructuring and reequipping of the plant will continue. Due to the modernization will increase production performance, and improve working conditions. Current prerequisites allow to look optimistically into the future.

In 2016, UMMC intends to continue investing in the expansion and modernization of the processing plant. According to preliminary estimates the volume of investment will exceed RUB 200 million.

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