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Company "tool production" has become a resident of Titanium valley

In late December, the expert Council under the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation elected a new resident of the SEZ. They became the Russian company «Tool production». Resident status will be granted to the company soon after signing the agreement. The agreement is considered the three parties. The agreement is between «Titanium valley», the «Tool trade» and the Ministry of economic development of Russia. «Tool production» is a Russian company. She, along with Minicut International will implement the project for the production of high-performance cutting tool. Products are designed for milling metals, difficult-to-handle. Among them heat-resistant and titanium alloys, stainless steel, composite materials — fiberglass, carbon fiber.

The main sectors of sales of these products are aerospace, shipbuilding and defence. The project investments amount to USD 1,765 million. Future resident is to allocate an individual site. Its area is about 0.5 ha. the Beginning of plant operation in accordance with the schedule planned for IV quarter of 2016. Artemy Kyzlasov, Director General of «Titanium valley» gave clarification on the agreement. He said before Minicut International is a definite challenge. It includes the construction of the first private Russian production. Place of localization of production joint decision is called «Titanium valley».

The products of the future resident of a special economic zone has a great advantage. Cutting edge milling tool has a unique geometry. It allows to significantly increase productivity when machining. Simultaneously, the cost is reduced. The project is very attractive in the framework of the programmes for import substitution. It will increase the ability of competition of domestic enterprises of the defense and aviation sectors. The project is especially interesting looks in the eyes of manufacturers who have restrictions on the purchase of imported tools. Titanium Corporation VSMPO-AVISMA included in the list of stakeholders. AVISMA, and other companies are existing, and potential consumers of goods «Tool production».

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