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Gaiskiy GOK reached a record high

Gaiskiy GOK reached a record high

Gaiskiy GOK, a part of raw complex UGMK has reached a record high. In an underground mine plant produced 6 million tons of ore. For the entire period of its existence a similar result is obtained for the first time. According to Andrei Kharkov, head of the mine, this really is the highest result. The team went to him long enough. To achieve such a high level, the plant was able to achieve due to several factors. In addition to the well-coordinated work of employees impact point was reconstructed. It is necessary to consider the modernization of production. The work was put crushing and conveying complex No. 9. 1070 horizon started extraction of raw materials. Now Gaiskiy GOK occupies the second position in the production of copper in Russia…

For 2015, the Park of the mine was replenished with modern technology. It meets all necessary safety standards. The mine plant was put underground self-propelled vehicle and self-propelled unit. It provides mechanized charging of blast holes. New technique allows access to all points of the wells. Also the plant was awarded to the work of the 2nd machine for loading and delivery of raw materials. Their capacity is 14 tons. The capacity of the new purchased truck up to 30 tons.

Such a global reconstruction lasts since 2006. It is part of the project UMMC. The project aims at opening and development of deep horizons. The project involves the construction of new horizons crushing and conveyor galleries. Also planned for their maintenance and reconstruction of the existing shafts, including mine «New». The main goal of the project is to increase annual production capacity. As a result, the extraction of raw materials in Gaisky GOK is expected to increase from 5.5 million tons to 7.5 million tons.

In 2014, the plant put into operation the barrel in the mine «New». The work reconstructed the mine allowed Goku to make up the loss. They were inevitable when the elimination capacity of the upper horizons. Also the barrel is «New» will provide transportation of raw materials from 830−1070 meters. While the load on other trunks were significantly reduced. In December 2015, the volumes are transported by a shaft to the surface of the raw material has reached 4 million tons.

According to Gennady stawski, Director of MCC, a record figure will be a significant milestone in the history of the mill. This result reinforces the hope that the implementation of the annual program. And gives us confidence in achieving the result of 7.5 million tons annually.

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