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In the United States set preliminary duties on flat products

US Department of Commerce anti-dumping duties have been pre-installed. Applying they are to galvanized steel sheet and other products. Surface corrosion sheets made of non-ferrous metal. Fees are set in response to an inquiry initiated by the claim of US steel companies. Consideration was launched in June this year.

Fees touched Chinese, South Korean and Indian sheet products. Also in the list included the Italian suppliers. The largest amounts of the fees established for Chinese steelmakers. He was 256%. Previous preliminary countervailing duties reached 26,26−236%. The term of their validity was retrospective. Experts believe the US market so completely get rid of the galvanized steel, produced in the PRC. In 2014, China's manufacturers have put the country about 900,000 products. In January-October, the volume of imported goods reached about 700,000 tons. ESP 7mesyachny was imported about 650,000 tons.

South Korean companies imported to the United States about 510,000 tons per 10mesyachny period. For their sheet with color-coated and galvanized steel is much less restrictions. Most of the providers are subject to anti-dumping duties at the level of 3.25%. Hyundai Steel Company pays 3.5%. For other Korean companies the size of countervailing duty shall not exceed 1.37%.

Taiwanese manufacturers are lucky not an example more. They are not affected by any countervailing duties or anti-dumping. But for Indian companies countervailing duty is provided at the level of 2,25−7,71%. The size of anti-dumping duties is 6.6−6.9%. Italian suppliers pay anti-dumping duties at the level of 3.1%. In this case one of them falls Marcegaglia company that duties are not affected. Prior to the current revision of the Marcegaglia with Arvedi is also not taxed. Other manufacturers were paying 13.06%. The exception was the Metallurgical Plant Ilva. Compensation fee for the largest Italian companies amounted to 38.41%. This tax raises doubts about the future supply of the US market.

The next wave of restrictive duties seriously affected only Chinese companies. Earlier, preliminary countervailing duties imposed by the US Department of Commerce, touched cold rolled coils. Chinese manufacturers have set taxes at the level of 227.29%. Russian, Indian and Brazilian suppliers from 0 to 7.42%.

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