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Happy New Year 2016 !!!

It is not far off December 31 and, therefore, the New Year is almost on the doorstep. It is celebrated all people, everywhere. During the solemn tables are going to relatives and friends. The holiday is celebrated both adults and children. The younger generation holidays, morning and gifts under the Christmas tree, meeting with Father Frost and Snow Maiden. The older generation of corporate events, parties and festive launch fireworks. And, of course, summing up. Evaluation of the results, which ended with the old year. Estimation of prospects who carries with him the coming year.

2015 was heavy enough not only for the steel industry, but also for all industrial sectors. Metals also saw the crisis and the fall in metal prices, given the decline in demand and the economic difficulties of China, the main consumer products. Iron and steel industry watched and sanctions, and the weakening of the national currency. Widespread use of found and anti-dumping duties imposed as a result of numerous investigations.

One can hardly expect that in 2016, as if by magic all the problems disappear. However, analysts are predicting heavy times, promise and good moments. Of course, the price of iron ore has continued to decline. Experts believe that in 2016, its price will range from 38 USD per ton to 44 USD per ton. Extraction of raw materials continues to rise, hence the drop in prices. However, the leaders of the metallurgical sector — Vale, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton — the New Year ready at 100%. They are cost of raw materials does not exceed 35 USD per tonne. Unprofitable production will be stopped, it may be observed an increase in demand from emerging markets.

Basic non-ferrous metals — copper, zinc and nickel — this year, fell sharply. However, they are the same in 2016 will be the favorites in the color steel sector. Given the constant value adjustments are unlikely to be able to give a completely accurate forecast. But experts expect to reduce the volumes produced and thus increase the cost of metals.

Well, wait and see. However, hope is always strong, so let's hope for the best, and persevere even in difficult times.

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