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On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2015

The collapse of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of the formation of 15 new states. And although the separation was quite peaceful, each country had to form its armed forces. Today, December 6, 2015, the people of Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Armed Forces. On this day in 1993, Leonid Kuchma — at the time the President of Ukraine — signed a decree issued by the Supreme Council of the country. It said the introduction of anniversary, dedicated to members of the military. Those who took charge of an informed decision to give his strength to serve in the Ukrainian army, navy. Those claiming its decision, took the oath. This date is chosen on the basis of the Law «On the Armed Forces of Ukraine» Ukraine, which entered into force on 06.12.1991, the

This is a celebration for all members of the military formations of the structural units of the Ukrainian army. It combines Naval, Land and Air Force. Military professionals, officers and soldiers, non-commissioned officers and warrant officers, sergeants — and the military, transferred to the reserve — perform the sacred duty to protect the Motherland. And they rightly consider this the day of memory of its own involvement in the great cause.

24.08.1991g. The Verkhovna Rada of the country, decided to military units stationed in Ukraine, subordinate to the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. However, it was the formation of the country's Defense Ministry. The Ukrainian government has assumed the responsibility for the creation of the Armed Forces. All these steps are stipulated in the decision «On the military formations in Ukraine.» And this decision was the beginning of the construction of critical State institutions — the Armed Forces, which have become an integral part of the military organization.

In the history of the Armed Forces can identify a number of milestones:

· 1991−1996 years — the formation of the foundations;

· 1997−2000 years — building;

· 2001−2005 year — reform;

· 2006−2011 years — development;

· Since 2012 — reform, the development of the Armed Forces.

It was only last year in Ukraine began forming this modern Armed Forces.

Every year, public authorities, local governments, public organizations together to carry out activities related to the celebration of the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is a celebration of courage, bravery, valor and courage.

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